Good news for San Francisco surfers

Imagine yourself sitting in the lineup on a warm summer morning. The waves are just a foot or two overhead; perfect peeling rights. Your friends are out in the water with you, laughing. A soft breeze brushes over the surface of the water, and when it clears, you look down and notice a peaceful jellyfish slowly rising to the surface. Next to it is a stray piece of seaweed, dancing in the sunlight’s dim reflection. You reach down to grab it, and suddenly you realize that what you’ve been seeing is not an innocent piece of kelp at all. It is a shard of plastic, making its way through the ocean where it plans to live forever. And that jellyfish is no jellyfish either. It is a Safeway bag, long forgotten by some eager customer who forgot to throw it away after buying their delicious groceries.

With these two shreds of plastic in your arms, you feel defeated. What you thought was a beautiful morning in nature turned out to be a bath in human trash, and that’s enough to ruin any surfer’s day. So what do you do? How can you stop your playground from being infested with this man-made mess? It makes you want to scream!

Well, luckily, San Francisco can hear you. Although San Francisco’s Ocean Beach may be home to more plastic than most of the California coastline, it is also home to many of the state’s most environmentally conscious and forward-thinking residents. San Francisco was one of the first cities to enact a plastic bag ban, which paved the road for dozens of other major cities to do the same. And now, San Francisco is considering going even further with their reduction of plastic by requiring all new and renovated buildings with water fountains to install special water bottle filling stations. These water taps would allow for easy bottle refilling, and would hopefully encourage San Francisco residents and tourists to opt for reusable bottles rather than those evil plastic ones that crowd our lineup and tickle our feet like fake jellyfish during the best of sessions.

With waves like these, it’s no wonder San Francisco is so concerned about keeping itself clean! Have you ever seen such a beautiful city?

We at Manuka are proud of San Francisco, which just so happens to be the birthplace of many of our devoted crew. We smile when we hear about initiatives like this one; we are so happy to have come from such a humble, intelligent, and progressive place. We look forward to seeing the results of San Francisco’s hard work and new green strategies, and we hope that their ideas will continue to inspire other cities to act in a similar manner. Happy Friday everybody, and remember to rise above plastic!