Pulling out of a barrel and into outside lands

As surfers, we often find it difficult to keep our favorite groovy shred sled in the surfboard rack for more than a day or two, especially when there is swell in the water. Often we froth for weeks on end, never taking a day off from the continuous adventures that Mother Ocean provides us with. But at some point or another, we’ve got to let that wetsuit get all dry and tight again; we’ve got to let our feet rest from dancing on the nose; we’ve got to tell Mother Ocean we’ll see her tomorrow, and go do something on land with the rest of humanity. That’s why this weekend, the Manuka crew opted to leave their surfboards and wetsuits at home and enjoy San Francisco’s fifth annual Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival.

This windmilll doubled as decoration and power, as it generated a portion of the festival’s electricity.

The festival started off in Golden Gate Park on Friday, August 10th, kicking off with songs by legendary Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Foo Fighters, Beck, and even the soulful dubstep group Justice. Friday rocked the  city, and everyone was eager to hear more on Saturday, which saw the likes of Metallica, Alabama Shakes, Passion Pit, and even an up-and-coming Manukan favorite, Dr. Dog. The Manuka crew was stoked on Saturday’s performances, but that didn’t even come close to how hard they were frothing on Sunday, where Big Gigantic, Rebelution, Stevie Wonder, and Skrillex gave them one of the best musical experiences of their lives.

Alabama Shakes blew everyone out of the water with their performance on Saturday. Here lead singer Brittany belts another chorus of “Hold On,” that had fans close to tears of joy.

The music at Outside Lands was nothing short of amazing, and well worth the massive crowds that swarmed San Francisco’s park all weekend. But, in between all of Metallica’s fireworks and raging guitar solo’s, and Skrillex’s laser beam, rocket-ship performance, Manuka was happy to find that Outside Lands was making just about every effort possible to make itself one of the greenest festivals of all time. And by green, we don’t mean the type of green typically associated with concerts and music festivals, but the type of green that keeps our planet healthy. And for this, Outside Lands is to be commended. The festival’s staff set up refillable water bottle stations, compost and recycling bins, a farmer’s market, gardening how-to workshops, and even a solar powered stage. Over 75% of all waste from the weekend was diverted to compost. We even ran into the Surfrider Foundation, who was present at the event to discuss ways of further protecting San Fransico’s coastline and preserving the marine habitat that thrives in Northern California. It was a groovy mix of all kinds of environmentally-friendly fun that had us smiling and dancing until we could dance and smile no longer.

Dr. Dog rocked it with the power of the sun at Outside Land’s solar powered stage.

Though we may not have pulled into any epic barrels this weekend, nor have we seen any dolphins jumping around us, the Manukans had an awesome time enjoying the cultural phenomenon that went down inside Golden Gate Park. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that surpassed all of our wildest expectations. And hey, San Francsico even managed to blow our minds while simultaneously being kind to the earth, sounds good to us!

Manuka shirts and smiles, can you tell how stoked we are?

If you were too busy getting shacked this weekend, fear not! Outside Lands will be back next year with a new host of performers, and a new crowd of funky festival-goers to groove with. See you there!