Past Efforts of Change

The San Diego Coastkeeper’s mission statement reads something like, we protect the region’s inland and coastal waters for the communities and wildlife that depend on them by blending education, community empowerment and advocacy.

Manuka the Movement’s mission statement reads something like, we are a generation, a new go at a company, one that that is not intent on making it big, just making it by.  One that draws on the old to breed the new. One that would rather see change than cash…so as Manukans, on we roll.

By reading this you may be able to tell that Manuka and San Diego Coastkeeper were meant to be friends in some way, the only question was which.  As luck has it, they were meant to be really good friends.  Manuka and San Diego Coastkeeper have decided to come together in an official partnership with which Manuka intends to raise funds for the great non-profit whilst partnering with them on events and web promotions.  In fact, for December 1st through the 14th all shirts sold by Manuka donate $4.00 to San Diego Coastkeeper.

Keep an eye out for the relationship to grow and cultivate some absolutely beautiful change.

Check out San Diego Coastkeeper HERE