some time grabs of Manukan wave riding
…at the top are some of our favorite still moments…
…in the middle is a slide show of even more still moments…
(click this parenthesis for footage)

Ray is smooth as sunny skin. photo: Steve Orate

Chloe knows style, and style likes Chloe

Christine drawing line with her Paipo. photo: Tom Lareuf

Steve on the nose at Malibu, he had been there and was there for a while after this shot. photo: Ray Orate

Jared spends time bodysurfing, sometimes he has a camera to capture these visions, either way he is stoked.

Christine and handplane in the zone. photo: Tom Lareuf

Chloe, two heels over.

Nico doesn’t get scared easily.

Jared slotted on a self-shaped singlefin, 2009.

Ray is slotted often. photo: Ashly Morgan (fiance)

Chloe, free on the nose.

Ray, linin’ it up. photo: Ashly Morgan (fiance)

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